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By April 7, 2016Duncannon Beach

Duncannon has been in the news this week focusing on water quality, personally i would be very worried if the trend from 2012/2013 had continued and had a serious think about moving my Kitesurfing and SUp lessons elsewhere but in 2014 and 2015 the results were excellent, unfortunately EPA based qater quality on a 4 year average so it is class as poor for the 2016 season,  below is a statement from a local action group on the matter

Press release from Duncannon Village Renewal

Following the latest EPA report on water quality where Duncannon was one of the areas rated as “poor”, we would like to clarify what this group has been doing over the past two years.

Firstly,  Duncannon beach water was classified in all tests last year 2015, as good quality. The EPA report is based on a historical average. Thus lower quality in earlier years affects the overall rating. We have no reason not to expect similar results in 2016 to 2015.

We, as a group, have been badgering all local TD’s, councillors and relevant ministers since 2014 and continue to do so. We have personally met with Brendan Howlin, Mick Wallace, Paul Kehoe as well as the councillors to ask them to get action on our treatment plant. Councillor Michael Whelan has been acting for us constantly.

Hooked Kitefest IKSA water chage

We continue to badger the Co Council likewise but the issue now lies firmly with Irish Water. Last year, the Co Council came up with a plan for a temporary plant at the Rock Well. This was not well received as the area is in constant use by the fishermen and the siting was directly below the houses at Harbour View. Following discussion, this plan was abandoned.

Since then, we have had personal contact with Irish Water’s CEO, John Tierney (now retired this month) and his acting successor, Jerry Grant. We have had an email from Jerry Grant on Tuesday of this week which states the following:

“Irish Water has appointed a design team to develop solutions for this and other similar sites, with Duncannon as a priority
We expect to be have a preferred site and scheme by mid-year to go to planning and hopefully procurement.

Our current plans are to have a Contractor on site in mid-2017 and to have the scheme in place within a year from that date.”

While this is not what we would like, the reality is that it is well ahead of the 2020 date we were given last year.

We will continue to press all our contacts for an improvement to that date.

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