Our Snowkiting holidays are designed to take kitesurfers and beginners snowkiters to be completely independent snowkiters,  we find Norway offers countless kilometers of snowkiting paradise ideal for your first kite flying and jumps,

The Spot

With snow as far as eye can see,  Hardanggervidda in Norway is 3 hours from Oslo has become the undisputed Mecca for Snowkiting, a steady consistent wind  , its the ideal place for  long hikes and spectacular flights in the heart of totally untouched nature

The Itinerary

Meeting at Dublin airport on the 5th March 2023 to check, outgoing flight SAS  departs Dublin 12:05 arrive Oslo 15:15, return flight 12th March Norwegian ailines depart Oslo 14:10 arrive Dublin 15:35 . best to booked one way flights with airlines as its cheaper than skyscanner.  identical flights mandatory for everyone travelling from Ireland, if from Europe of further afield no problem we always aim to facilitate. 
Check in for car rental and drive to Geilo where our ski in ski out chalet is located.
Breakfast at 7:30-8:30 each morning where we will have a brief of the day ahead, then head to the spot, sometimes  you are can stay and ski if you prefer with the chair lift 150 meters from the chalet. 
Temperatures range from -5 – -15 so bring some thermals.

Is it hard?

It’s a bit easier than kitesurfing as there is less friction on snow and you don’t need much wind to get going as you are already standing up.

Skis or Snowboard?

Ski’s are definitely easier to learn on, but if you are a boarder then stick to the board.

Can i rent gear?

Yes there is snowboards and kites to rent there at an excellent rate, ski/board equipment <€100. we book these as a group before we leave.

Important information:

  • Winter sports travel insurance is required for this trip
  • Return flights are booked by yourself to Oslo.
  • To book just call 0876755567 or email info@hookedkitesurfing.ie, a €250 deposit is required to book you space.
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