When the words “I’m going to Kenya” crop up one of two images tend to come mind. Either that person is going to be one of a bus load of binoculared tourists driving through the wilderness looking for lions, or they’re possibly doing some kind of charity work in a dusty village full of smiling children.Kenya is full of surprises though and one of the foremost of these is the coastline south of Mombasa.

Conditions in the water are fantastic as well. On low tide a reef roughly a kilometre away from the beach blocks the large Indian Ocean swell creating a flat lagoon inside the reef, and beautiful surfable waves outside. Offering differing conditions for any skill level and riding style.

One of the most popular parts of the trip is the included Funzi Island trip. This is when we pack up all the gear, take a bus followed by a boat out to a glorious sandbar a kilometer off the coast and set up camp for the afternoon, kiting and teaching. This is followed by a huge seafood lunch and then back in time for a night out in Diani.

We run trips to a place called Dianibeach 45 minutes drive from Mombasa, a key African port and Kenya’s second city. This part of east Africa is subject to trade winds that blow steadily for months on end. Firstly from June until October from the Southeast (locals call this wind the ‘Kusi’), and then it switches almost 180° to a Northeasterly (this direction is know as the Kazkazi) which blows from December until mid-March.

We chose to run trips out during the Kazkazi season, party to offer a break from the depths of Ireland’s winter but also because most believe that it’s the better wind direction. The Kazikazi blows warm (no need for any wetsuit) and cross-onshore at 16 – 20 knots almost every day – perfect conditions for learning.

Diani is surprisingly busy for a relatively off the beaten track destination. The town is made up of a mixture of expats, adventurous holidaymakers and a whole host of Kenyan locals both black and white. The busyness of the town makes for a fun, lively spot meaning a whole lot of extra curricular activities once kiting is finished for the day, as the bars and restaurants get going most nights.

Eating and drinking aren’t the only activities on offer though. There’s SUPing, scubadiving, deep sea fishing, skydiving, day trips into the local markets – and of course not to mention safaris, so you too could become one of those binocular wielding lion spotters. There’s never a dull moment to be had in Diani.

Diani is a archetypal African paradise with baboons and vervet monkeys running the streets – mango sellers smiling out from under corrugated iron shops crudely erected on the red African dirt. It’s got swaying palms and white beaches, turquoise waters and teaming reefs… not to mention those steady trade winds. So come check it out with BigStyle.


We’ll be running trips during January and February 2015, more info on exact dates nearer the time
The price is €850 not including flights, flights work out at roughly €650


Breakfast every day
Lessons every day
Gear rental
Beachside gear storage
Filming and video tutorials
A one day kiting adventure to Funzi Island
And a whole lot of criac

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions and be sure to check out our videos of the last two years of Hooked in Kenya