PowerKite Lesson


    • 1.5hrs
    • Land Based
    • Site assessment (SEA) for power Kitesurfing
    • Upwind / downwind (theory)
    • The wind window (theory)
    • Safety hand signals
    • Foil kite setup
    • Steering the kite
    • Power zones and edge of the wind window
    • Twist and untwist lines

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Discovery 1/2 Day


        • 1\2 day course
        • Land & water based
        • How to set up a LEI kite
        • Safety systems on an LEI kite
        • How to launch and land an LEI
        • How to activate safety systems
        • How to enter and exit the water
        • How to body drag down wind

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Zero to Hero


            • 4 x 3hr sessions over 2-3days
            • fully independent Kitesurfer
            • & up riding on board

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            • All tuition and equipment
            • An introduction to SUP covering
            • Equipment overview
            • Wave & Sea or River/Lake Assessment
            • Kneeling & standing on your SUP
            • Paddling techniques
            • Balancing on your SUP
            • Turning

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Can I cancel at any time?

Our Kitesurfing and SUP prices stated above can be cancelled 48hrs before and rearranged to suit student, lessons can also be cancelled by school if wind conditions don’t suit,

Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts for 4 or more students, there are also discount on equipment after you become a fully independent kitesurfer