Courses & Prices

Kids Kite Lesson



An excellent & safe way for your children to get a taste of kiting.

Land based activity with lessons on weather, wind and sea.

Kite set up with launching & landing exercises.

Get excited as you’re coached about the wind window & how to harness the power of your kite.

This course is excellent to help build your confidence & understanding of kitesurfing, while having a trained coach always by your side.


Discovery Course


3 hour course
Want to master the elements and discover the amazing sport of kiteboarding?
This course is ideal if your curious about kitesurfing, try it out we are sure you’ll love it

Zero to Hero



Private Course 9 hours during 3 days 

Semi Private ( 2 people) 12 hours during 4 days

Full Kitesurf Course to get you up and riding on the board, covers all aspects of kitsurfing in detail.

* Most Popular & Best Value *


SUP & Kayak



Tuition & gear included in this exciting package

SUP or Kayak around the beautiful Duncannon Bay

Learn paddling techniques & explore nature’s beauty.

Our instructor will be close by with the camera to capture the moment with you




Contact  ;

WhatsApp ; +353 (0) 852346260

Can I cancel at any time?

Our Kitesurfing & SUP prices stated above can be cancelled 48hrs before and rearranged to suit student, lessons can also be cancelled by school if wind conditions don’t suit,

Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts for 4 or more students, there are also discount on equipment after you become a fully independent kitesurfer

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